Sunday, April 1, 2012

Audubon Project: Funding for Nesting Boxes

Bluebird Nesting Box (photo from

As you are all aware, Elcona CC is designated as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, a title that we are very proud of.  As part of maintaining our certification, we are asked to participate in several Outreach and Education programs that involve individuals from outside the club.  One of the programs that we are implementing is the construction and installation of additional Blue Bird nesting boxes on our property by the public.  We have approached a local Eagle Scout that is willing to take on this project as well as monitor the additional boxes once they are in place.  Currently, all of the monitoring is done by staff horticulturist Greg Stump.

As of now, the arrangement is that Elcona will cover the costs of the materials to construct the Blue Bird nesting boxes and the Eagle Scout will build, install and monitor the boxes as part of his community service project.  At this time I am seeking donations to help cover the cost of materials for this project.  Each nesting box will be made from cedar and will cost about $15.  Our plan is to construct approximately 25 nesting boxes at a cost of around $375 total.  If you would like to make a donation to this project as well as future projects that we have planned, please contact myself or Pam in the front office and we will gladly assist you.  You will have two options for donating: you may simply write a check or have your account billed for the amount you would like to donate. When making a donation, please let us know that it is for the Audubon Project Fund and we will make sure your donation gets allocated in the proper location.

We have several projects planned for this year, including a raingarden that will be built outside the Grounds Building to help filter water that comes from washing off our equipment. Consider this your advance notice that we will also be soliciting donations for this project as well as member participation.  The Elcona membership has always been very generous when it comes to donations for projects such as this and my hope is that a fund can be established that will allow us to complete several projects to beautify the club as well as enhance the environment.

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