Monday, June 3, 2013

Course Closed!

Today (Monday 6/3) the golf course was closed, but for a good reason.  We, the Grounds Department, have been given a day to ourselves to perform many necessary tasks that are much more easily accomplished when we do not have to worry about play on the golf course.  We receive very few of these throughout the golfing season, so we need to take advantage of them. Below is a list of tasks that were accomplished today:
Venting of the greens 1/4" hole, 6" deep

  • Usual Monday mowing schedule completed
  • Greens
    • Topdressed with sand
    • Vented
    • Sand drug in
    • Rolled to smooth surface
    • Sprayed a soil directed fertilizer and wetting agent application
    • Watered greens to move spray application into the rootzone and wash in sand
  • Approaches
    • Topdressed with sand
    • Sand drug in
  • All fairway divots filled on the Front 9 and holes #10 and #18
  • All divots on Practice Tee filled
  • All sprinkler heads edged on holes #1-4 and half of #5 (approximately 300 heads)
  • Practice Tee fertilized
  • Practice Tee, Target Greens, Practice Fairway and Short Game Fairway sprayed with fungicide and foliar fertilizer
  • All rough around the greens sprayed to prevent grub damage
  • All rough around fairways and fairway bunkers sprayed to prevent grub damage
  • Trim around trees and signs along CR21
  • 1 blog post written
Normally this schedule would have taken days to complete if we were to attempt it during play due to the need for my staff to stop what they are doing and get out of the way to allow play to come through.  I cannot emphasize enough how important and beneficial days like this are during the season. As I look at the golf calendar, our next closed day does not arrive until July 22nd. We will anxiously be awaiting this day as we hope to accomplish as much, if not more than today. Many thanks to my staff for a great day of work!

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