Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cart Path Resurfacing Complete!

          Our cart path resurfacing project was completed yesterday.  The new paths around 1 green, 9 tee, 10 green, 13 and 14, and 18 tee turned out great and are a great improvement to the golf course.  The NiBlock crew was finished by 3:45 with the asphalt laying, and the paths were rolled completely smooth by 5:45. 

          The paths cured nicely yesterday, and will be available for use today unless otherwise marked. Our crew in the next few days will be buttoning up the edges around the paths with soil and sod.   Below are some pictures of the process and the finished look on these holes. 

Crew paving new extension on 18 tee

13/14 path

14 tee path

14 loop

13 from the tee

10 green

9 tee

9 tee

18 new extension
1 green

1 green

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