Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A huge thank you....

As a golf course superintendent, I am always interested in the latest and greatest turf research projects that I can apply to my management strategy of the golf course here.  If you were not aware, as a member of Elcona, you play a vital role in turf research as well!  Each year, with approval from the Board of Directors, you are billed an annual donation to both the Evans Scholars Program and the Midwest Regional Turf Foundation (based out of Purdue University).  The donation to the MRTF is directly applied to research funding activities both at Purdue and at sites across Indiana, such as Elcona.  Past studies include research on pre and post-emergent herbicide control of grassy weeds, preventative applications for certain fungal turf diseases, and white grub control programs.  More recently, we have been documenting any benefits of using a compost tea product on fine playing surfaces. 

Some of the current research projects that are ongoing at Purdue can be viewed here, and if you want any further information on a specific project, please let me know.  Greg posted another article on this subject in 2012, demonstrating some of the research that your contributions go toward.  I am one that loves to experiment on the golf course and find ways to implement any findings that research demonstrates to better our operation. 

Thank you for your participation and the role that Elcona plays in supporting turf research.  Your contribution does not go unnoticed!  Below are a couple of thank you letters from the MRTF and the Dean of the College of Agriculture, Jay Akridge, that I would like to share with you that echo my sentiments. 



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