Thursday, June 16, 2016

Course Notes, 6/16/2016

The staff has done a fantastic job in the last month getting and keeping the golf course in great condition, and are now finalizing details for next week's hosting of the Indiana State Amateur Championship.  Yesterday's .42" of precipitation brought our total rainfall received at Elcona to .96" since May 17th.  While helpful, yesterday's rain didn't saturate the golf course and we could use more.
#5's Burr Oak and leaves shedding
Something you may have noticed this year is how many trees are dropping leaves, like our Burr Oak "Gus" on #5.  This is a natural response to dry conditions.  When the tree senses that there is not enough water to satisfy its needs, it will drop some leaves in an attempt to conserve water for its overall long term health.

The new #10 Green Tee
The staff and I have also completed a couple small, but impactful projects in the last week.  The green tee on #10 was expanded and squared off to create additional hitting area for those players, and to create a more classic looking tee. The voids will fill in over the next few weeks to complete to project.

Also, the cart path ends at 9 tee and 10 tee were regraded and sodded to create a much smoother transition from asphalt to turf.  These ends will be roped off until the sod is rooted down, so please use caution and drive around those areas until they are ready for traffic.

10 Tee Cart Path end
If you have any questions, please email me at  Thanks, and have a great rest of you week!


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