Friday, August 26, 2016

Course Notes, 8/26/16

After a week of cooler weather, turf has begun to breathe a little easier and recover from July and August's stretch of weather.  Club championship week is in full swing and hopefully most of you have taken advantage of a break in the rain to enjoy your golf course.  

On the greens, rooting depth has increased in the last two weeks to an average of 2 inches, and they are turning color from brown to white, a good sign of a healthy plant.  I have continued to see new shoots pop out of areas that were effected by Pythium Root Rot, which I wrote about here.  
Rooting depth increasing
New shoots, 3 green
While I mentioned that recovery will take some time in these areas, we have taken another proactive step to help aide recovery by hand seeding these areas.  Below are some pictures of how this process works.  Further actions we will be taking include applying a light amount of granular fertilizer next week to help these areas grow in, and following Labor Day, a growth regulator application (normally applied weekly) will be skipped to further promote recovery.  

Hand spiker creating holes for new seed

Bentgrass seed applied
Seed smoothed into the holes and tamped down

End result
 If you have any questions, please contact me at  I would be more than happy to discuss our recovery efforts with you.  Have a great weekend!


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