Friday, July 15, 2011

Course Update: Time for Recovery

I hope that everyone was able to make it out to the club this week to enjoy watching some fantastic golf.  I couldn’t be happier with the condition of the golf course and I feel that it put up a pretty good fight for the best golfers in the state.  My staff has worked extremely hard, not just during the tournament, but, in the last day or so to get the rough mown, divots filled and debris picked up all before you get back on the course today (7/15).  I would like to thank each one of them for their long days and dedication to Elcona as well as their desire in wanting to showcase the club during a very important week. With that being said, the course is now ready for a break before we head into Invitational week. 

The winner, Brian Maurer, being interviewed
Looking ahead to the forecast for the weekend and into next week, it appears that we are headed for an extremely warm and humid stretch of weather. Last year, about this same time, we had a similar weather pattern that contributed to an outbreak of Anthracnose on the greens.  Because there is already some slight damage from Anthracnose on a few of the greens, we are going to be extremely cautious as we head into warmer and more humid weather.  Unlike last year, we are currently planning to mow at the same height, but our rolling frequency will be reduced.  We have also skipped an application of our growth regulator in order to promote some additional growth and speed the recovery process after a long week.

At this point, there is no reason to panic.  We are merely taking a proactive approach toward protecting the greens so that we can be ready to showcase the club for the 50th anniversary of the Walter O. Wells Invitational.

On Monday (7/18) the golf course will be closed so that a planned venting and topdressing of the greens can be done.  This has been done once already this year and has paid huge dividends with respect to the overall health and playability of the greens. 

More on venting in a future blog post.  Stay tuned!

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