Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Venting of the Greens

Immediately after venting and example of tine size

On Monday, 7/18, all of the greens on the golf course were vented.  Venting is a form of aerification, where numerous tiny channels (1/4" wide x 5" deep) are created within the soil profile (rootzone) of the putting surface. There are several benefits to performing this practice.  The channels help to ease the process of gas exchange within the soil allowing potentially harmfull Carbon Dioxide to be exchanged for Oxygen.  During periods of warm, humid and wet weather like we have had and are currently having, it is crucial for us to be able to let the turf "breathe" and allow excess water to drain more quickly. The end result is a healthier stand of turf that can better tolerate the harsh summer conditions.

Immediately after rolling

With the weather we have had so far this week and looking ahead to the weather that is being forcasted for the next five days or so, this practice will prove to be extremely beneficial.

More on the weather and how it affects the turf will be discussed in a blog post later this week.

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