Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall is Here...Finally

I won’t lie, I am very excited that fall has arrived and I’m sure that this does not come as a surprise to any of you.  Instead of re-hashing the difficulty of the summer, it seems more appropriate to look ahead to the colors of the leaves as they change and the cooler temperatures. I have included some pictures from previous falls to remind you of how special a place Elcona CC can be during this time of year.

#3 green

This is a great time of year and just may be my favorite season for playing golf.  Although I never seem to get out and play very often, I still enjoy my time on the course whether it is during my morning tours with Mulligan or on the rare occurrence when I get to spend time on a mower.  The cooler mornings mean that frost delays are getting closer.  I have given the reasons for frost delays numerous times so I will not bore you with the details, just remember that I do not like them either and we will do everything we can to get you out on the golf course as quickly as we can once the frost is gone and our mowing has commenced.

Maple tree left of #15 fairway

To date, aerification has gone extremely well.  The fairways were completed in two days, thanks to new equipment and some fantastic weather.  Tees will be done as the weather allows and greens are scheduled for 10/6, 7.  While greens are being aerified, 9 holes will be closed and 9 holes will remain open and playable.

This fall, we do not have any major “in house” projects other that our usual tree work that we perform each year. Obviously, the renovation of #18 green is a major project, but it will not be completed by our staff. The list of trees to be removed has not yet been completed, but it is safe to say that there will be some changes by #12 green and #13 tee.  Given the struggles we have had with turf in this particular area, tree removal has become a necessity to help improve air flow across the playing surfaces.  We have a number of trees in our nursery that are beginning to mature quickly and need to be transplanted to the golf course before they become too large for our tree spade.  This will need to be taken into consideration when selecting which trees to remove this winter. 
The view down #12 from the tees
For many of you, this is your last month in Indiana before you head to your winter homes. If you head to a different location during the winter, have safe travels and I look forward to seeing you next year.  For those of you that are permanent residents, come on out and enjoy some fantastic golf.  The golf course is in great shape and there are lots of days left before the snow starts flying! 

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