Monday, October 3, 2011

The Renovation of #18 Green: What to Expect

Now that we are getting closer to the commencement date of the renovation of our 18th green, I would like to give everyone an idea of what to expect. This is a very exciting project that has been discussed for a number of years, but it has not been without its share of criticism.  The reason for the renovation is because the green can no longer be managed like the other 17 greens on the golf course and the slope from the back of the green to the front is so severe that we are only able to utilize about 1/3 of the green for pin locations and the entire left side of the green has become unusable.
Mr. Arthur Hills explaining the new green to members of the Green Committee
The scheduled start date is Monday, October 10th and we have been told that work should be completed within two weeks.  In layman’s terms, here is how the project will take place:
·         Strip and save all sod.
·         Remove all native rootzone material and save.
·         Remove existing irrigation and save as much as possible.
·         Shape new green, green complex and bunker
·         Add saved rootzone material that was saved mimicking rough grade of green
·         Install irrigation and gps new head/coupler locations
·         Add soil amendments to improve turf health
·         Add saved sod that was removed from the original green
·         Finish bunker
·         Add rough sod
Arthur Hills has been hired to design the new green and O&J Construction will be the contractor completing the project with oversight from myself as well as Arthur Hills and his associate, Brian Yoder.
New rough sketch of #18 green on top of current version of green
Both Arthur Hills and O&J Construction have requested that there be NO interference from the membership or other individuals during the project.  This includes being on the construction site while work is being performed, giving personal opinions of how the green should look when completed, interfering with the crew while working etc.  They are all professionals and have a plan to provide us with a fantastic product when it is finished.
Again, this is a very exciting time for the club, and we are expecting the best possible outcome, but will need your cooperation to help complete this as quickly as possible.  I will be providing updates almost daily on this blog for those that are interested.

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