Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Renovation of #18 green: Day 2

After a long day yesterday of stripping, rolling and temporarily laying the salvaged sod on the practice tee, we were ready for some action.  Significant progress was made with the removal of the existing rootzone material.  This material will also be saved and re-used once the sub-grade of the green is established.  By using the same sod from the original green as well as the original rootzone material, we are coming as close as possible to keeping the new 18th green as consistent as the other 17 greens.  Please click on the photos for a larger view.

Setting grade stakes and removing the last bit of sod from the old green.

Beginning to remove the rootzone material

Establishing the new back edge of the green.

The 18th green sod layed out on the practice tee for temporary storage

Removing original galvanized steel irrigation pipe that was running through the
green.  we actually found the quick coupler that was located in the exact center of
of the green.  This is how the green was originally irrigated.

Progress at the end of Day 2.  It is now getting easier to visualize what
the final product will look like.

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