Saturday, October 15, 2011

Renovation of #18 Green: Day 6

After another visit from Brian Yoder to review the final grade of the green, we are now much closer to putting the sod back on.  Today, a few minor adjustments to the contours of the green were recommended and a final shape was given to the bunker.

Most of the day was spent putting Brian's recommendations into place.  At the end of the day the green is now nearly ready for sod.  Some final raking by hand and another check of the slope percentages are all that need to be done before the sod gets replaced. Click on pictures for a larger view.

Brian Yoder (Black Jacket) showing some of the adjustments
that need to be made.

Bigger adjustments being made to lower tier

Brian adding some finishing touches

Ramon giving the upper tier the "eyeball" test prior to checkng with the laser
Orange paint indicating where the bunker edge will be located 

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