Saturday, October 11, 2014

18 Green Renovation, Day 4

On 18 green today, the rootzone on the upper level was tilled to break up any compaction layer that had been present, additional sod was removed to begin the final transition from puttable surface to approach, and some final shaping was started at the transition from upper to lower levels.  The shaping process started in the back of the green and worked its way forward.  Soil was also added around the top of the bunker face to better direct surface water away from the bunker. 

When you look at the pictures of the front of the green, it may seem like quite the severe slope coming off of the bottom shelf to the approach.  Plenty of shaping and final grading still needs to take place, so while we can start to visualize what the new green will look like, it is too soon to have a true idea of the finished product.  The goal tomorrow is to have the final grading and shaping done and have Shawn Smith give the final approval before sod is laid back down. 


Greg rototilling the upper rootzone

Final grade work on the back approach/green transition

Crew beginning front transition and shaping

The beginning shaping of the transition from back to front shelves

Front of the new green.  More shaping to come.

Re-sloping the top of bunker

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