Tuesday, October 14, 2014

18 Green Renovation, Day 6: Finish

Thanks in large part to a joint effort by our crew and Oliphant Golf, we were able to get all of the sod back onto 18 green and finish the project.  The rains overnight and at lunch time were a bit of a hindrance, but it was also nice to see that the green drains water the way we want it to (back to front). 

Soil amendments were applied first thing in the morning, before sod was laid.  These amendments serve two functions:  aid in the rooting of the replaced sod, and help enrich the soil below for the long term health of the green.  The green sod was then laid from the middle to the back, and then middle to front.  We did have to cut into our green nursery sod for the false front, which is another great reason to have that on hand!  By twilight, we were able to roll the green for the first time. 

This project turned out great in my opinion.  There are great little subtleties throughout the putting surface and plenty more pin locations.  Today we will be cleaning up the jobsite and placing a fence around the area.  The reasoning is simple for fencing:  excess foot traffic leads to excess wear and tear.   The sod, especially the greens cut, has been under extra stress with its removal and replacement, and needs time to heal in. Please stay outside of the fence.  By doing so, it will pay huge dividends come spring time.  I will have another post in the next couple of days on the next steps agronomically we will take to get the green ready for play in 2015. 


A foggy start to sod work

Our crew loading the sod on the practice green

Ground view of the green

The new 18

Laying the last pieces

Cleaning the surface with blowers

Greg washing silt off of the sod
Rolling the new surface in the dark

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