Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Aerification Update and Day 1 of 18 Green Renovation

Crew clearing plugs off of 10

A huge thank you to my staff on their hard work completing back 9 greens aerification today.  We had great weather and a successful day.  All greens (except for 18) will be available and open for play tomorrow.  As the week progresses, we will continually be brushing, rolling and mowing the greens as needed to further their healing. 

Oliphant Golf began removing sod off of #18 green today as well.  As the pictures below show, the sod was placed on pallets and moved to the south end of the range tee, where it will be spread over the tee.  The plan for tomorrow is to finish sod removal, stripping the topsoil/sand mix on the top 8-10" of the complex, and begin roughing in the new green.  A great start to this project.  I will have another update tomorrow.  Have a great night!

Stripping the green perimeter first

Oliphant's crew discussing strategy

Day 1's progress

Sod on pallets and spread on range tee

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